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Get 3 unique

calendar experiments,

delivered quarterly.

That's right, a wad of 3 calendars, aimed at the back of your head.



How beautiful can a calendar be?

How ugly can a calendar be?

How minimal?

How impractical?

How frustrating?

Can a calendar smell good?

Can a calendar challenge you?

Can a calendar make you laugh?

Elementary! 3 intriguing clues pointing to the killer left in your mailbox.

Let's find out.


Mostly all riso, mostly all the time.

Nearly every Misfit is printed in Portland, Oregon using the risograph printers at Outlet.

Riso printing is super cool, but we'll keep it short. It's like automated screen printing, producing a tactile quality and depth of color that's hard to match. It's a fun, imperfect process that blends analogue and digital techniques, and each print comes out just a little bit different.

But one of the coolest things about riso printing is the ink. It's translucent, so printing on colored paper or layering with other inks creates new, often surprising, colors. Some Misfits might even use fluorescent or metallic inks! These specialty inks in particular are impossible to accurately capture in photos, so you've got to see them in person.

In other words,
you gotta see it
to believe it.


Indeed, a murder of 3 fowl ominously circling your mailbox.

The nitty-gritty.

The deets, the run-down, the fine print, the whole deal.

1.) Free shipping!

Second.) Your subscription will automatically renew, charging every 3 months.

C.) Cancel any time. (If you want only the next available Misfits pack, you can just sign up and immediately cancel.)

IV.) Bundles are sent out each quarter (toward the end of March, June, September, and December).

5th.) The cutoff to get the next available pack is one week before the next quarter.

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